Peregrines in Amsterdam

Peregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - AdultsPeregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - Eggs and malePeregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - Chicks and femalePeregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - ImmaturePeregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - ImmaturePeregrines at the Hemweg, Amsterdam - Immature Hemweg

The Nuon (former UNA) power stations at the Hemweg, Amsterdam and at the Vijfhoek, Diemen, in winter both are the home of a pair of Peregrines.

In the spring of 2003 the pair at the Hemweg appeared to show breeding behaviour. This was confirmed on 12-04-03 when during an inspection of the nest box three eggs were found, the first documented record of breeding Peregrines in Amsterdam. Click the second thumbnail for pictures of the eggs and close-ups of the male.

Further monitoring of the birds revealed that about a week later prey items were carried into the nest box, indicating that the eggs had hatched. On 06-05-03 the nest box was revisited and the two chicks that had hatched were ringed. Click the third thumbnail for pictures of the chicks and close-ups of the female.

In 2004, four eggs were laid and at a check on 13-05-04 all of them appeared to have hatched! Click the fourth thumbnail for pictures of the eggs and young.

The following year, the Belgian female was chased away or killed by a new female. These territorial conflicts resulted in very late breeding, but three chicks hatched successfully. The young were ringed on 06-06-05. Click the bottom thumbnail for pictures of the young and of the parents in flight.

In 2006, four males hatched and the new female could be positively identified as a German bird.

Nieuw! This year four young hatched, three males and a female. Both the male and female came to check the nest box, which resulted in moving pictures (refresh page to repeat movie in thumbnail).

Activity of these Peregrines can now be followed live with a webcam, which is live on the website of the Dutch Peregrine Workgroup. Moving web cam images are available from the Beleef de lente portal of Vogelbescherming Nederland.

Peregrines at the Vijfhoek, Diemen - Adults Diemen

Despite the presence of a nestbox, birds only winter at this location.